A shiny golden open bracelet for events.

Marilyn jewelry set is flowy and showy. It expresses curls and wind by the beach. These polished and shiny jewelries are made from recycled non-plated 585 yellow gold (14K, Finnish color) at Sonkajärvi, Finland. The Marilyn jewelry series includes necklace bracelet and earrings. It’s a perfect set for events and fine occasions.

Marilyn makes us think of how we treat people who live by publicity and being a star. Where is the line between personal life and show business or politics. Marilyns life is well stored in photographs. Through them it’s possible to see her as a human being who faces changes and winds of life. All though her hair might be done perfect she is still the same wild, loving and caring person as she was in the beginning of her career. She deserves to be admired as herself.

The size of the bracelet: 18,5 cm

The width of the bracelet: 35 mm

The weight of the bracelet: 45 g